for version 5.8.4 and up
Parameter1 Parameter2 Parameter3 Parameter4 Parameter5
cmdloadurl charset (UTF-8) url       loads site url output at given encoder name. Encoder is optional {!RET cmdloadurl UTF-8,http://ornek.com/ornek.txt !}
{!RET cmdloadurl http://ornek.com/ornek.txt!}
cmdfetchtaghtml selector charset (UTF-8) text        
cmdfetchtagtext selector charset (UTF-8) text        
cmdconverttottext text            
cmdremovetag selector text          
cmdgetjsonvalue key json string          
cmdgetjsonarray key index json string        
callaction action uri string            
callintent action string uri extrakey extravalue type    
playmedia url is to be parsed          
cmdspeaklang string lang          
websearch search string            
showhelpbuttons word help string          
loadurlfetch url selector charset (UTF-8)        
getvikipediimage search string            
getsearchimage search string unused          
inputbox caption string            
cmdindexof substring start index text       {!RET cmdindexof dünya,0,merhaba dünya<br>deneme yapıyorum!}
cmdfetchlines search string text       returns lines containing search string {!SET $d1={!RET cmdloadurl http://ornek.com/ornek.txt!}!}
{!RET cmdfetchlines izmir,$d1!}
cmdshowtds td index(es) to be shown isFirst table string     shows only selected tds inside html table {!RET cmdshowtds 3,$icerik2!}
{!RET cmdshowtds 1;2;3,$icerik2!}
linescontaining encoded string search string          
random random range limit            
addproperty personality property            
addtoarray array name relation name value     add value to 2 dimensional array  
addtovariable array name value       add value to array  
searcharray variable name relation name value     searches 2 dimensional array for value ( value has sql "like" syntax), return whole string containing value  
listvariable array name         lists array values  
checktimer command string result template string timer minute specific time     yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm timer counter    
cleartimers           clears all timers  
decode encoded string         decodes from url coded string  
encode decoded string         transforms into url coded string  
cmdfetchregex regular expression group index to be fetched string       {!RET cmdfetchregex (.*?) kaç.*,1,{HERHANGİ1}!}
converttolatin string            
makefirstlettersuppercase string            
makefirstletteruppercase string            
struppercase string            
strlowercase string            
cmdreplace search string replace string text       {!RET cmdreplace IZMIR,Bir ilimiz,$d1!}
cmdreplaceall search string replace string text        
strlength string            
convertdate yyyy-MM-dd format string (default value=yyyyMMdd)          
convertdatetominutes date time string default value=yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss       returns minutes  
getremainingdays spoken format date format string (default value=yyyyMMdd)       returns remaining days  
rconvertdate date string init format yyyyMMdd end format yyyy-MM-dd        
voicedate spoken format date         returns yyyy-MM-dd formatted date  
fetchnumeric text         returns first occurence of numeric value in the text  
cmdfetchnumbers index text       returns index occurence of number in the text  
cmdfetchalphas index text       returns index occurence of alphanumeric string in the text  
cmdsubstring start index end index text        
cmdcontains search string text       returns empty if search sting is not found in the text {!RET cmdcontains IZMIR,$d1!}
haserror text         returns empty if there is no error message in the text  
cmdfetchtagvalue selector charset (UTF-8) tag attribute name text      
cmdfetchinside delimeter string delimeter string text     returns string inside text between delimeters  
cmdfetchtaglines selector text       returns all elements parsed by selector. Elements are given line by line  
cmdsplitandfetch splitter character index text     split text by splitter character into array and fetch the string at the array index   
sendsms phone number message to be send          
phonecall phone number loud speaker on = true